Rotring 600 Review 

The Rotring 600 is widely known among the drafting community as one of the most iconic mechanical pencils ever released. Although it’s design has been modified and tweaked numerous times over the years, it’s basic construction remains the same.

The 600 consists of an aluminum metal frame, removable knurled grip, metal eraser-cap, and an internal mechanism consisting of both metal as well as a bit of plastic.


The mechanism itself is fairly reliable, but be warned, as soon as the pencil’s metal tip is bent, the mechanism becomes a pain in the ass.

The metal construction is durable in most situations. However, as an owner of 3 different 600’s to date, I must warn you, the metal tip must be protected at all costs if the pencil is going to live up to its reputation.

The 600 comes in Black and Silver finishes. I have had a great experience with the silver models, but I have discovered that the black edition, my most recent purchase, is prone to chipping and wearing down of the black finish. This reveals the golden/bronze metal underneath.

Enough with the pencil’s flaws. The 600 is a fantastic tool for writing and sketching. The knurled grip is fantastic and the lead mechanism is smooth and consistent. The pencil and its internals feel solid and secure, with no internal shifting or rattling. It is truly a pleasure to write with.

To conclude, here’s my battered black 0.5 mm 600:


Thanks for Reading,

P.S. Don’t lose the eraser cap, it is essential to the pencil’s fantastic looks!

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Rotring 600 Review 

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