Leatherman Wingman Multitool Review

In the EDC Community, knives and practical tools play a huge role. I would by no means call myself a knife enthusiast, albeit a knife expert. Although I am not a huge knife junkie, I can relate with the need for one to perform some everyday tasks, and perhaps for the self-defense or peace-of-mind aspects.

My “knife of choice” happens to be a Multitool- The Leatherman Wingman. I found my Wingman in the back of a Lowe’s for a fair 30$.

The Wingman features a ~3 Inch Utility Blade, a pair of minimalist-yet-usable scissors, a variety of common tools, and, ofcourse, a pair of sturdy spring-assisted pliers.

The Wingman feels very well-made and durable when used. Constructed entirely from stainless steel, it lacks any cheap plastic or flimsy materials that could lead to problems.

The knife on the Wingman does its job well. As I stated earlier, I have a fairly limited knowledge on knives, but I feel that this one is sufficient for its function as well as its price.

The pliers on the Wingman serve their purpose to a satisfactory degree as well. Large, spring-loaded, and equipped with wire-cutting capabilities, they feel sturdy and well constructed. The handles feel about as good as they can for a Multitool.

The rest of the various tools and instruments on the Wingman share the same sturdy and well-made qualities with the pliers and knife, although the scissors can be a bit annoying to deploy.

In terms of concerns and issues, the wingman does a have a few. The main nuisance is the rough notches that are used to deploy the scissors and knife. If used a lot, these notches can really do a number on the tips of your thumbs. Other than that, the screwdrivers and files and such can slowly loses over time, causing them to slide out randomly when opening the handles.

The Leatherman Wingman is overall a great product. If your looking for a fairly simple, sensibly prices Multitool to help with everyday tasks, then the Wingman may be the Multitool for you.

Until next time,

Note: I received no compensation from anyone for this review. I purchased this product with my own funds.

Photo Credits- BladeMultitool

Leatherman Wingman Multitool Review

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