Lihit Labs Teffa Pen Case

When most of of think of a pen case, we think of one of the generic single-pocket zippered pen case we see on a day to day basis. While this might suffice for some, other such as myself demand a more OCD-Friendly and micromanage-able product. This is where the Lihit Labs Teffa Pen Case comes into play.

The Teffa features a book-style design with plenty of room and pockets. In my case, it held every writing instrument I use with room to spare. It’s other pockets are perfect for storing small accessories, such as a flash drive or spare lead.

It has some fabulous features and characteristics, although a few small concerns are present as always.

  • The pockets are not elastic, so when the case is stored in a backpack or other place where it tends to shift around, things will fall out of the pockets inside and rattle around.
  • The pen holding strips are also not elastic, so storing pens or pencils without strong clips can be a pain as they become unsecured easily.
  • The outer pockets are great for papers, notes, and small items, but bigger items tend to either not fit or fall out easily.

These flaws can be a pain, but they can be easy to deal with with a little bit of improvising.

Overall, the Teffa Pen Case is a fantastic pen case. It holds enormous amounts of pens and accessories, and keeps them organized while doing so. It looks good, has a high-quality interior and exterior construction, and has been reliable in the time that I have used it.

Until next time,

Note: I purchased this item myself and was not compensated or acknowledged by Lihit Labs for this review.

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Lihit Labs Teffa Pen Case

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